• After-sale service

    We are where our customers are, directly on site with our after-sale service, supply of spare parts and everything else is necessary. As for the customers’ after-sale service, BK Technologies is a point of reference: the remote maintenance of all plants for bakery products ensures very quick repairs and the immediate restore of the plant. We ensure the rapid supply of spare parts fit also to “old” baking lines. The after-sale service is one of the main points of strength of BK Technologies.

  • Qualified personnel

    The qualified personnel and the continuous relationship with our customers are one of the several reasons to choose a BK Technologies bread baking plants.
    BK has highly qualified technicians, who are constantly updated and who are able to provide timely solutions which are technologically state-of-the-art.
    Our after sale service is able to join you and to prepare you in order to make you more autonomous in the routine interventions.